Vibrating Gloves As a Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease?

parkinsons fingertip gloves

If you have been researching Parkinson’s treatments, you may have encountered the new experimental device called a ‘Parkinson’s Glove’. But what exactly is this treatment that has researchers hopeful for improved health outcomes for Parkinson’s patients? Could a high-tech glove complement, or even improve on current treatment methods like exercise and medication? In this article, […]

Exercises for Hip Bursitis

hip bursitis pain

If you’ve ever experienced hip pain, you know that it can be agitating and limiting in your daily activities. One of the more common varieties of hip pain is known as hip bursitis (or trochanteric bursitis). In this article, we’ll explain what hip bursitis is, and we’ll explore some options for which exercises for hip […]

Knee Exercise for Seniors

Full length of active biracial senior man holding racket and playing tennis at tennis court

Knee injuries can happen at any age, but they can be particularly harmful to seniors. Simple knee exercises can help to prevent joint pain, and improve balance, to better your day-to-day life. Common Causes of Knee Pain Among Seniors Knee pain is common and can result from sprains, tears, or tendinitis. It may also stem […]