Better Bending: A Quick Tip

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Curated collections of classes to meet your needs.

All-Around Workouts

A set of six daily standing classes adressing each of the cornerstones of movement. Designed to build balance, strength, and endurance.


The Art of Movement

A gentle form of exercise that reinforces movement awareness and neurological connections to how we move.


An Introduction to Pilates

Three class series that introduces the basics of Pilates.  Great for strengthening core muscles. Perfect for beginners.


Seated Exercises for Everyone

A series of 10-minute seated exercises. Each class focuses on a different muscle group or movement skill.


Building Speed and Power

Six classes focused on building speed and power. Big and fast movements have a postitive impact on neuro conditions.


PWR Moves for Parkinson's

Learn the fundamental movements of the PWR Moves program. Build a full routine by selecting exercises from each of the six demonstrations.