“My knees hurt whenever I go to sit in a chair. What’s causing this?”

Senior man sitting in a arm chair

This is a really common problem as we age, and it is likely a movement related issue.  HOW you are transitioning from standing to sitting is likely directly related with your level of discomfort, not just pathology alone. Let me explain this point with an example of squatting—something we all do, all the time. There […]

It’s getting harder to get up from the floor. Is this something I should avoid?

Bettina G. Austin, Texas As we age our bodies tend towards muscular weakness, stiffness, and decreased power that can dampen our confidence with activities and movements that were previously easy for us.  However, all of those categories are trainable regardless of age and can see significant improvements when given the right stimulus i.e. exercise!  It […]

When Should I Get a Knee Replacement?

When Should I Get a Knee Replacement? The simplest answer to your question is when the pain becomes debilitating, and you have exhausted all conservate care options including Physical Therapy.  A lot of times people find success with Physical Therapy alone or in conjunction with cortisone injections to manage the pain.  However, depending on your […]

Ask a PT: “What pool exercises help with balance?”

“What balance exercises done in a pool are the most helpful and which general fitness exercises do you recommend for people working out in their pools?”  –Harriet S. The pool can be a great place to exercise, especially if you have sore joints or decreased balance. The water will also serve as a resistance force […]

Ask a PT: “What exercises help a sore back?”

Back Stretch

Ask a PT: “What Exercises Help a Sore Back?” In general you can break down low back pain into two major categories. Disorders that affect the front of the spine versus the back of the spine. (The front being the disc and surrounding tissues and the back being the joints and ligament structures called facet joints.) […]

Can I Exercise With a Bad Back?

osteoporosis exercise

Ask a PT: Can I Exercise With a Bad Back?  “I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease a couple years ago. I get lower back pain that comes and goes.  I used to love exercising and being active but have been afraid of making my back worse. Is there anything I can do to help […]

Are Knee Replacements Only Good for 10 Years?

“I heard knee replacements are only good for ten years before they need replaced. When is the best age to get it done and what can I do in the meantime? Is knee surgery inevitable? –Michael C. Good questions. Though the “10 Year Rule” was once an accurate generalization, improvements in technology and surgical procedures […]

Ask a PT: COPD and Exercise

“I was recently diagnosed with COPD. Am I still able to do cardio exercises, or will this just make it worse?” -Linda B. Hi Linda, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is an inflammatory lung disease that affects the effort and quality of airflow from the lungs. Performing cardiovascular activity will not make COPD worse, but […]