When Should I Get a Knee Replacement?

When Should I Get a Knee Replacement? The simplest answer to your question is when the pain becomes debilitating, and you have exhausted all conservate care options including Physical Therapy.  A lot of times people find success with Physical Therapy alone or in conjunction with cortisone injections to manage the pain.  However, depending on your […]

The Effects of Exercise on Diabetes

senior bike ride

The Effects of Exercise on Diabetes If you are a diabetic, you may have heard of the debate between whether exercise is helpful to people with diabetes or whether it can be harmful. Some people believe that exercise can potentially do more harm than good, especially in those who take insulin. This is because exercise […]

Why We Should All Practice Balance

balance practice

Why We Should Practice Balance Balance is involved in everything we do. From walking and dancing to leaning over to tie your shoes, you need good balance. Good balance plays an increasingly important role in our lives, contributing to our quality of life and independence. Practicing balance involves exercises and activities that strengthen your muscles […]

How Hard Should I Exercise?

How Hard Should I Exercise? As a physical therapist I am constantly asking my patients about the intensity of exercises I have them perform. It’s a needed question to assure I am making a patient work hard enough, but not so hard that I am harming them. Each time you exercise you should ask yourself, […]

Healthcare Changes its Approach to Aging

The Medical Movement to Reduce Surgery and Pain Medications As we age, our bodies require new approaches to maintaining an active, enjoyable lifestyle. As we know, older adults are more prone to conditions that can cause daily pain. The possibility of things like back pain, arthritis, and fracture risks increase. We become more at-risk for […]

The Importance of Strength Training for Seniors

The Importance of Strength Training When we think of strength training, we often think of bulked-up dudes lifting more weight in one shot than we do in a week. But this type of exercise has many different levels, and a long list of health benefits that we should consider essential to our well being, (and […]

How to Exercise Around an Injury

How to Exercise Around an Injury: Why it is Important to Keep Moving Injuries can come in many forms. They can happen from accidents around the home, from exercise and physical activities, and even just sleeping in an awkward position. Injuries may come on quickly from an obvious accident, or slowly from overuse. You might […]

Being Positive: How Attitude Affects Your Health

Being Positive: How Attitude Affects Our Health  “Attitude” is comprised of the internal dialog we have with ourselves and our reactions to the outside world. Researchers continue to find compelling evidence that a positive attitude has beneficial effects to our well-being and health. These include: A longer life span Lower rates of depression Less susceptibility […]

Research Supports the Anti-Aging Benefits of Lifelong Exercise

Research Supports the Anti-Aging Benefits of Lifelong Exercise We are all aware how important exercise is to our health and well-being, particularly as we age. Stronger muscles protect us from injury. Balance and flexibility exercises keep us moving safely and securely. Now, there is new data that quantifies the benefits of lifelong exercise and how […]

Upgrade Your Brain With Exercise

Cognitive Fitness

Strengthen the Brain with Exercise When you think of exercise, you may think of typical forms such as running, cycling, or going to the gym. Exercise usually equates to training your body. However, not many people realize the importance of training your brain. So let’s introduce you to some great “cognitive exercise” practices and why […]