The information in our E-course is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis or substitute for medical advice.  We make no representations, guarantees or warranties that the information or exercises in our E-course is appropriate for you or will result in improvement of your medical condition or function.  The information in our E-course is by no means complete or exhaustive and therefore does not apply to all conditions, disorders and health-related issues.  The information and instruction in this E-course is not intended to be “physical therapy” or medical advice, as we have not personally examined you and prescribed exercises specific to your individual condition.  Any use of the terms “prescribe” or “prescription” in the E-course is referring to the precision with which the exercise should be done and is not intended to mean the exercises are being prescribed specifically for you or your condition(s).  Any reference to or mention of any particular diagnoses or dysfunctions is intended for informational purposes only and not an attempt to diagnose your particular problems.

Before you begin the exercises in the E-course, you should get medical clearance from your physician or physical therapist if you have any medical conditions, diseases, injuries or disabilities.  By purchasing this E-course and embarking on the exercises in it, you are assuming the risk that the exercises may not be appropriate for you and may increase your pain or cause you to have new pain or new symptoms. It is normal to experience some soreness after doing an exercise you are not used to doing.  However, if you have pain and your pain increases, moves to a different location or new or different symptoms arise after doing an exercise, you should stop the exercise and seek advice from a physician or physical therapist.