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10-Day Plan
Day 4

The FIX YOUR BACK Workshop

The FIX YOUR BACK Workshop is a 100% online program providing all the information we wish we had time to deliver in the clinic. You’ll benefit from the additional knowledge of physical therapists and get yourself fixed through ongoing practice. Includes 10 full lessons, assessment tools, and sets of exercises commonly prescribed to patients.

For those that have experienced low back pain, you’re not alone. A 2012 survey by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), found that 61 percent of Americans said they have experienced lower back pain during their lifetime. A majority of this group also noted that the limited mobility and pain disrupted their everyday lives. For some people back pain can remain an ongoing problem, leading to a decrease in their quality of life, or even to disability. The good news is that most cases of low back pain respond well to non-surgical, drug-free approaches.

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  • The Importance of Body Mechanics

    Learning the WAY to move makes a big differnce on avoiding lower back pain in the first place. We guide you away from common mistakes and how to correct them.

  • Stretches that Make a Difference

    Knowing the correct stretches for your condition can help both during a flare up and protect your back later. Find out how to safely lower the tension without causing further harm.

  • Building a Bulletproof Back

    Think it's just about exercising the back? Nope! The whole body plays a role in keeping your spine pain free. A physical therapist explains the connection to other structures of the body and gives advice on long-term care. A 10-Day Back Plan and full-length workouts help you to build a stronger back to avoid future injury and pain.