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10-Day Plan
Day 3

The OsteoFit Osteoporosis Workshop

The OsteoFit Osteoporosis Workshop is a 100% online program providing all the information we wish we had time to deliver in the clinic. You’ll benefit from the additional knowledge of physical therapists and get yourself fixed through ongoing practice. Includes 12 full lessons, assessment tools, and sets of exercises commonly prescribed to patients.

What you do today can make a big difference in bone health for years to come. Our physical therapists share the best practices for strengthening bones, improving balance, and reducing the risk of fractures. You’ll get the same advice we give to patients in the clinic. A must for anyone concerned about improving bone health and avoiding fractures.

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  • How Your Bones Work

    Understand the natural lifecycle of bone health, and how to make real world improvements in the strength of your own.

  • Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

    Physical therapists and doctors have the answers on rebuilding bone strength even after an osteoporosis diagnosis. We'll teach you the science and the techniques. These are the things doctors wish their patients knew 20 years earlier.

  • Movement Labs

    Movement and exercise play big roles in both bone health and avoiding fractures. No matter where you are today, the movement labs teach you better ways of doing things and the exercise to reduce the risks of osteoporosis.

  • Bonus: 10-Day OsteoFit Plan

    Includes a 10-day exercise and functional movement plan to get you on your way. Designed by the Physio Ed. physical therapy staff, you'll get the same lessons as a patient in the clinic.