Physio Ed. programs are developed by medical professionals and clinicians to meet the unique needs of movement and aging. We use an evidence-based approach that focuses on building balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Though advanced in methodology, classes are designed to be multi-level and approachable for the participants. We’ve used our connection to medical research and practices to design programs that make real-life improvements.


Here’s a fun little challenge for you. This kind of practice, called “cognitive exercise,” helps connect the brain to the body. It basically makes you think while you exercise. No zoning out on this one! Recent research shows that it can actually help to rebuild the brain by constructing new neural pathways. This makes it a big deal for both daily fitness and rehabilitation.

Colors and Letters Cognitive Challenge

Colors and Letters Cognitive Challenge


Sciatica: What is It, and What Makes it Go Away?

Sciatica: What Is It, and What Helps? Lower back pain can have many causes, so identifying sciatica takes some careful thinking. Once you’ve identified that you are suffering from sciatica there are some simple steps you can take to relieve the pain and get back to normal. What Is (and...

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When Should I Get a Knee Replacement?

05 May 2021

When Should I Get a Knee Replacement? The simplest answer to your question is when the pain becomes debilitating, and you have exhausted all conservate care...

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Ask a PT: “What pool exercises help with balance?”

16 Mar 2021

“What balance exercises done in a pool are the most helpful and which general fitness exercises do you recommend for people working out in their pools?” ...

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