The "Fix Your Back" Workshop

This 9-lesson video workshop includes all the things you need to know about your lower back pain and what you can do to avoid future problems. Exercises and functional movement training is presented by physical therapist Dr. Kathy Doubleday DPT.

OsteoFit Osteoporosis Workshop

What you do today can make a big difference in bone health for years to come. Our specialists share the best practices for strengthening bones, improving balance, and reducing the risk of fractures.

The "Fix Your Neck" Workshop

In this workshop we share some of the universal ways physical therapists advise their patients to relieve and prevent future neck pain. Includes a 10-Day Plan for improving neck pain.

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At Physio Ed. classes are designed by physical therapists and medical specialists. We offer online physical therapy workshops specifically for older adults. Participants benefit from lower instances of chronic conditions caused by aging such as osteoporosis, balance issues, and hypertension.


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