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Should I Avoid Getting on the Floor?

"It’s getting harder to get up from the floor. Is this something I should avoid?"

As we age our bodies tend towards muscular weakness, stiffness, and decreased power that can dampen our confidence with activities and movements that were previously easy for us.  However, all of those categories are trainable regardless of age and can see significant improvements when given the right stimulus i.e. exercise!  It is critical that as we grow older that we stay as strong, mobile, and active as possible through weight training and stretching in addition to not avoiding situations that may seem precarious to us simply out of apprehension or because it is difficult.   

Believe it or not, getting up and down from the floor demands a high level of flexibility and strength in our legs and trunk.  It, in and of itself, is a great marker of our fitness level exactly because of its difficulty.  Any generalized lower body strengthening program tackling quad and hip strengthening, and a flexibility program targeting ankle and hip range of motion are key components to performing this transfer safely. 

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