The Cervical Spine Workshop: Solutions to Neck Pain

Approximately 30% of the US population experiences neck pain annually. Neck pain can be caused by a number of factors, but is most often related to posture and stress from less efficient lifting or working positions.

The majority of neck pain issues don’t require surgery, and respond well to prescribed exercises and physical therapy. This workshop discusses the causes of neck pain and offers the same solutions physical therapists use with their patients.



The Cervical Spine Workshop is a 100% online program providing all the information we wish we had time to deliver in the clinic. You’ll benefit from the additional knowledge of physical therapists and get yourself fixed through ongoing practice. Includes 12 full lessons, assessment tools, and sets of exercises commonly prescribed to patients.


  • How Your Neck Works

    Understand the mechanics of how the neck influences everything from headaches to balance.

  • Assess Yourself

    Learn how to assess your own neck strength, and discover where it needs improvement. We'll run you through some tests for clear results.

  • Movement Labs

    Movement labs guide you through the appropriate exercises and make sure you are doing them safely. They explain how you should feel and help practice real world movement skills.

  • 10-Day Cervical Plan

    Includes a 10-day cervical exercise plan to get you on your way. Designed by Physio Ed. physical therapy staff, you'll get the same lessons as a patient in the clinic.