The Cervical Spine Workshop: Solutions to Neck Pain

Approximately 30% of the US population experiences neck pain annually. Neck pain can be caused by a number of factors, but is most often related to posture and stress from less efficient lifting or working positions.

The majority of neck pain issues don’t require surgery, and respond well to prescribed exercises and physical therapy. This workshop discusses the causes of neck pain and offers the same solutions physical therapists use with their patients.



  • The Importance of Body Mechanics

    Learning the WAY to move makes a big difference in avoiding chronic neck pain in the first place. We guide you away from common mistakes and how to correct them.

  • Getting Aligned

    Our posture changes over time, creating new forces to our body and spine. The stress we feel in our neck from these changes can be alleviated using some simple physical therapy techniques. Let us help you align your spine and avoid future pain.

  • Building a Stronger Neck

    The whole body plays a role in keeping your spine pain free. A physical therapist explains the connection to other structures of the body and gives advice on long-term care. Six additional full-length workouts help you to build a stronger neck and avoid future injury and pain.

Six additional 30-minute expert back classes!

Six additional 30-minute expert back classes!

Also includes SIX 30-minute upper spine fitness classes to improve your cervical health.

Learn the same techniques experts in the medical field reduce future neck pain for good.