Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles

Brand Cascade Mountain Tech
Material Aluminum
Color Orange
Shaft Material Aluminum
Extended Length 54 Inches
  • HIGH QUALITY STRONG VALUE – Built with “Aircraft Grade” aluminum that can withstand more force, is highly durable, and vital when hiking rocky terrain and frigid temperatures
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & VERSATILE – 10.4 oz or LESS THAN a pound – Our aluminum poles provide hikers, walkers, back packers, campers and many more the best option for a lightweight strong pole. You will feel the difference when on long hikes or daily walks
  • QUICK LOCK & EXTENDABLE – Our quick lock will support you during all your adventures, it is easy to use and reliable for holding the pole at the desired height ranging from 26”- 54”
  • SUPREME COMFORT – CORK GRIPS provide comfort, lower the vibration as you step, and wicks away sweat. The extended EVA grip offers relief for a quick transition on the changing terrain. Poles also include tungsten carbide tips and adjustable wrist straps
  • BONUS TIP KIT – includes snow baskets, sand/ mud baskets, rubber boot tips, rubber tips, trekking pole clip and a carry bag.

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From the manufacturer

Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles

Aluminum Quick Lock Trekking Poles

All of Cascade Mountain Tech’s trekking poles are height adjustable to suit your hiking and travel needs.

Pole Lengths:

  • Fully Collapsed 26″
  • Fully Extended 54″
  • Disassembled: Upper; 20.75″ Middle; 20″ Lower; 21.25″

Weight Per Pole:

  • 7.8 oz single pole no tips
  • 8.3 oz single pole with tips

Carry Case Included: 29″ x 5.25″

Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles

Aluminum Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are simple to use and provide a load of support for hikers, walkers, and backpackers of all ages. Whether you’re crossing flat surfaces or probing uncertain terrain, they can provide stability, relieve pressure from your body, and also help to establish and maintain a consistent rhythm and increase speed. Trekking poles can help to reduce impact over time and prolong your body’s capabilities. For first time users, trekking poles may not be as intuitive as one might hope.

  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Grip Material: Cork
  • Locking Mechanism: Quick Lock
  • Single Pole Weight (no rubber tips): 10.4oz
  • Pole Extension Lengths: 26″-54″

Features and Benefits

Quick Lock Poles



Easy Quick Lock Mechanism

Before using your poles, make sure that your locks are firmly secured. While the tip is on the ground, test to ensure the lock is secure by pushing on the top of the handle so the tip presses into the ground. If your pole shortens while doing this then you need to readjust the height and tighten the lock more.

Step 1. Open Tab and Adjust

Fully open the quick lock tab and adjust to desired height.

Step 2. Tighten Thumbscrew

Tighten Thumbscrew by turning it 1/4″ to 1/2″ turns clockwise.

Step 3. Close Quick Lock Tab

Quick Lock Tab should be difficult to close when properly tightened.

Step 4. Test and Readjust

Apply weight to the pole. If pole begins to collapse, repeat steps 1-3 until it remains at desired height.

Which Grip is Right for You?

Walking or hiking your hands need to be comfortable for each trek. To help meet your needs our poles come in both EVA foam and cork grip options. Pick your grip and take your next trip with Cascade Mountain Tech poles.

Cork Grip:

  • Exceptional comfort by easily conforming to your hands shape.
  • Lowers the vibration with each step
  • Moisture-wicking

EVA grips

  • Absorb moisture
  • Provide a smooth comfortable grip
  • Highly abrasion resistant

In addition to the grip material all our handles include an adjustable wrist straps to fit each person’s individual comfort levels.

Accessories Included for Every Trip!

Enduring terrain that requires a bit more support? Enhance your tungsten carbide tips with 4 sets of additional tips


  • Boot Tips: Serve the same purpose as Rubber Tips with the added benefit of extra cushioning and propulsion on hard surfaces when Nordic walking.
  • Mud Baskets: When hiking in mud, sand or other soft surfaces, Mud Baskets allow the hiker to use trekking poles without the pole slipping into the soft ground. This provides leverage and saves energy during wet and sandy hikes.
  • Snow Baskets: When temperatures get chilly, prevent trekking poles from sinking into the snow
  • Rubber Tips: Perfect for indoor use and on hard or slippery surfaces. Some environmentally sensitive sites (such as Machu Picchu) require Rubber Tips in order to protect delicate terrain.

Note: Collapsible trekking poles should not be used for downhill or cross-country skiing.

Trekking poles

Additional information

Weight 1.72 oz
Dimensions 28.72 × 11.31 × 2.48 in
Package Dimensions

28.72 x 11.31 x 2.48 inches; 1.72 Pounds

Date First Available

February 7 2021




Cascade Mountain Tech