Instructor Helen Solomon goes over the importance of Breathing. The more you move, the more oxygen your body requires, therefore proper breathing is paramount to staying healthy. Staying in tune with your breathing also helps calm your nerves and relax your mind. Proper breathing means engaging your diaphragm (the muscle located between your chest and abdominal cavity). Most of us don’t engage this muscle and, therefore, breathe shallowly not giving our lungs the oxygen they need for peak performance.

For individuals with mobility issues, using the floor for exercise can present challenges. Our chair fitness class provides an effective workout that doesn’t require you to roll around on the floor. By adopting a creative approach to exercise, participants can overcome mobility limitations and continue building their strength and flexibility.

Helen Solomon is a personal trainer, specializing in senior fitness. She is a senior herself, and a proud cancer survivor. Helen incorporates functional movement training into her fitness programs, developing movement skills that translate to everyday tasks.