Strength Training Classes

Strength Class is a resistance training program that targets all the major muscle groups in your body. You can use different types of resistance, such as dumbbells, water bottles, soup cans or even your own body weight, to challenge your muscles and make them work harder. Resistance training helps you build muscle strength, which is essential for your daily activities and your bone health.

controlling movement in strength training

The Power of Control in Strength Training

EQUIPMENT USED Exercise Mat, Chair, Hand Weights LENGTH OF CLASS 25 Minutes FITNESS LEVEL Foundational Control in strength training is all about managing the movements

strengthen both sides of the body

The Importance of Strengthening Your Non-Dominant Side

When it comes to fitness, many people focus on their dominant side, neglecting the non-dominant one. This could be due to habit, convenience, or simply lack of awareness. However, according to fitness expert and Strength Class instructor, Rita Goldstein, it’s essential to give equal attention to both sides. Here’s why.

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