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About Us

Welcome to Physio Ed.

At Physio Ed. classes are designed by physical therapists and medical specialists. We offer online physical therapy workshops specifically for older adults. Participants benefit from lower instances of chronic conditions caused by aging such as osteoporosis, balance issues, and hypertension.

Choosing Us

Healthy Communities

Senior Fitness

Exercise with the nation's best senior fitness instructors. Reviewed by physical therapists and medical specialists for older adults.


Watch Anywhere

Not everyone has the same space available for exercise. That’s why we made Physio Ed. available as both an app and a channel on all major smart TVs.

Community Education

Printable, sharable health articles for your community. Good for newsletters, websites, and promotional content.

Staff Training

We take time to train your staff in topics important to keeping your community safe.

Expert Panels

Learn right from our experts. These are the lessons they wished their patients knew ten years earlier—before an injury.

Medically Designed

Our programs are developed by clinicians and movement specialists to meet the needs of healthy aging.

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Have questions about any of the services offered by Physio Ed? Drop us a line and we will get back to you right away.