Physio Ed. contributors include practicing clinicians in preventive medicine and movement science. Our writers and on-camera contributors are selected by demonstrating expertise in communicating essential preventive and treatment information.

Want to know more about our review process? The Physio Ed. Content Advisory Board includes medical experts and well respected university-level educators.  

Kathy Doubleday DPT, OCS

Dr. Doubleday is an advocate for patient rights and access to care. She has been practicing physical therapy for over 25 years in California. Over this time she earned the respect of peers, academics, physicians and surgeons for her thoughtful approach and highly successful patient outcomes. She continues to practice physical therapy at her clinic in Ojai, California.

Alex Goldenring DPT

Dr. Goldenring is a graduate of the USC Physical Therapy Doctoral program, specializing in movement-based rehabilitation, functional movement, and sports injury prevention. Dr. Goldenring's holistic approach considers all aspects of his patients’ needs to reach optimal health.

Shaina McQuilkie DC

Dr. Shaina McQuilkie is a licensed chiropractor based in Stoney Creek, Ontario. In addition to running a private practice, she is a freelance medical writer. Dr. McQuilkie has experience writing on various topics in healthcare domain.

Cameron Prendergast

Cameron Prendergast

Cam has been a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and health coach for over ten years. He specializes in injury prevention, functional movement, and strength training, with the goal to lessen the impact of the aging process. He lives in Oxnard, California with his wife Lauren and their Dachshund mix, Murphy.

Morgan Rotella DPT

Dr. Morgan Rotella has experience treating a wide array of orthopedic conditions and is a certified specialist in vestibular rehabilitation, treating dizziness, imbalance, fall prevention, and concussion management. She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys exploring the national and local parks.

Malia Budd DPT

Dr. Malia Budd graduated from University of Delaware’s DPT program and has worked in clinical settings ranging from a trauma center to an outpatient amputee rehab. Malia believes that empowerment and education are the keys to a patient’s success.

Alex Stone DPT

Alex Stone is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA). He is experienced in orthopedics and sports medicine, and creates educational content for websites + social media pages (@dr.alexstone). He is passionate about health science education and general health/wellness optimization.

Holly Hanson DPT

Dr. Hanson brings a high level of expertise and clinical experience to her content. She writes on topics including physical therapy, health, fitness, exercise, flexibility, and anatomy. Her treatment approaches include dry needling and functional exercise. In addition to her medical content, Holly writes young adult and middle-grade fiction.

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