This video focuses on why seniors need to do balance exercises. Physical therapist Dr. Kathy Doubleday explains why seniors have poor balance and how to treat balance issues for the elderly. Falls are the leading cause of injury in older adults, so it’s important to take steps towards preventing them all together! This video includes simple balance exercises for seniors that when practiced daily, will greatly decrease your risk for falls.

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Fall Facts
0:45 Fall Causes
0:58 Factors that contribute to an Increased Risk for Falls
1:06 Environmental Risk Factors
1:40 Personal Risk Factors
2:32 Medical Risk Factors
4:15 Risk for Falls Summary
5:16 Balance Exercises Intro
5:35 At-Home Balance Exercises
9:58 Conclusion

At Physio Ed, classes are designed by physical therapists and medical specialists. We offer online physical therapy workshops specifically for older adults. Participants benefit from lower instances of chronic conditions caused by aging such as osteoporosis, balance issues, and hypertension.