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qigong for seniors in park

Benefits of Qigong for Seniors

Are you curious about Qigong? Perhaps you’ve heard that it can improve balance and help to prevent falls, as well as provide a host

mopping exercise

Is Housework Exercise?

With rates of preventable disease continuing to climb, exercising for a healthy body has never been more important. Fortunately, you don’t have to have

Walking and Brain Health

You’re likely aware of the physical health benefits of exercise – it helps to maintain a healthy weight, lowers blood pressure, decreases inflammation in

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Register today and get free access to hundreds of specialized fitness classes. Created by medical experts to keep you active for a lifetime.

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At Physio Ed. classes are designed by physical therapists and medical specialists. We offer online physical therapy workshops specifically for older adults. Participants benefit from lower instances of chronic conditions caused by aging such as osteoporosis, balance issues, and hypertension.