Five Tips for Exercise Walking

5 Tips for Exercise Walking Walking is an amazing form of exercise. It provides both physical and mental health benefits. Not only does it raise our heart rate, it gets us in the sunlight and engages our brains. It has a powerful effect on many chronic conditions, and helps to avoid future complications. It is […]

Building the Brain


Rebuilding the Brain Through Exercise  I was in graduate school at USC when President George H. W. Bush designated the 1990s as the “Decade of the Brain”. The hope was to ultimately make life-changing discoveries through ongoing brain research.  Through the physical therapy lens, I witnessed a growing body of studies connecting cognitive thought and […]

Ask a PT: “What exercises help a sore back?”

Back Stretch

What Exercises Help a Sore Back? In general you can break down low back pain into two major categories. Disorders that affect the front of the spine versus the back of the spine. (The front being the disc and surrounding tissues and the back being the joints and ligament structures called facet joints.) Disorders in the […]