The 7 Worst Habits For Your Brain Health– and What You Can Do About Them

brain habits

Why Protect Your Brain? As degenerative brain disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease continue to rise, taking steps to nourish your brain could not be more important to prevent cognitive decline. Many of the worst habits for your brain can make taking care of your most important asset harder than you might think. In this […]

Tennis Elbow vs. Golf Elbow

senior tennis players

Are you experiencing persistent pain in your elbow? A variety of activities can cause elbow pain. Two of the most common elbow conditions are tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow or “golf elbow.” However, knowing whether you have tennis elbow or golf elbow can be tricky. While both conditions can be difficult to treat, understanding their […]

Exercise for Overweight Seniors

senior exercise

As health risks increase with age, adopting a regular fitness routine becomes more important than ever. For seniors, prioritizing weight loss can be life-changing. So what type of workout routine is best for seniors trying to lose weight? In this article, we’ll explore why losing weight is vital for living a healthy life, and how […]