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About Us

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Physio Ed. programs are developed by medical specialists and clinicians to meet the unique needs of movement and aging. We’ve used our connection to medical research and practices to design programs that are proven to make real-life improvements.

Who We Are

The Physio Ed. Team

Gregory Jones, Executive Director

Greg oversees daily operations at Physio Ed. He is directly involved with the development of new classes and services offered to our community. Greg comes from a public safety and education background creating a perfect fit for overseeing our safe, well-organized programming. He began a career as a park ranger, working in emergency response and education for Arizona State Parks. After moving to California, Greg accepted an executive leadership position as Director of Health and Safety for the American Red Cross. His experience in program development, training coordination, and dedication to public service provide a knowledgeable, practical approach to delivering Physio Ed. services to our community.

Dr. Kathy Doubleday DPT, Clinical Director

Dr. Doubleday graduated from the nationally-acclaimed Physical Therapy Doctorate program at the University of Southern California, scoring many academic awards along the way. As well as providing outstanding therapeutic results, Kathy continues to be an advocate for patient rights and access to care. She has earned the respect of peers, academics, physicians and surgeons for her thoughtful approach and highly successful patient outcomes. She continues to practice physical therapy at her clinic in Ojai, California.

Olivia Klein, Video Production

Olivia has an amazing eye for what looks good. She’s the boss when it comes to many of our our day-to-day tasks including technical aspects of video production, editing, and working directly with our specialists. She’s also a much sought after photographer in Southern California. You can check out her work outside of Physio Ed. on her Instagram account, oliviaklein_photography.

Alex Goldenring, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Alex Goldenring is a graduate of the USC physical therapy doctoral program, specializing in movement-based rehabilitation. His holistic approach considers all aspects of his patients’ needs to ensure the health and safety of his patients.

Jaqueline Sherman PhD, RN

Dr. Jaqueline Sherman is both a clinical practitioner and educator at some of the country’s most outstanding institutions. After receiving her PhD from the University of Illinois in Nursing, she continued and received her master’s in Counseling.  She went on to become a tenured professor at University of Tucson, with a concentration on mental health nursing. Her research is published in a long list of medical journals. In addition to teaching with Physio Ed. Dr. Sherman is currently a lecturer at California State University, Channel Islands.

Jacob Gladstone, Psy.D.

Dr. Jacob Gladstone is a licensed clinical psychologist in California. As an associate at the Gladstone Counseling Center, Jacob is enthusiastic about serving his community. He considers himself a “general practitioner of psychology,” with an emphasis on supporting at-risk youth and elders. He frequently treats people for anxiety, depression, trauma, and supports people wo are coping with the current challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jacob continues to practice and teach martial arts, after nearly 25 years of learning various styles, competing and coaching. He values the elements of eastern martial arts and philosophy that are relevant in modern practices of stress reduction such as mindfulness meditation. For the past two years he joined with physical therapists to coach people with Parkinson’s disease in neurocognitive group classes, and periodically facilitates a local Parkinson’s support group.

Your Fitness Instructors

Francesca Gold

Clinical Yoga Therapist

Kloe Aponte

Fitness Specialist

Helen Solomon

Senior Fitness Specialist

Mary Jo Healy

Feldenkrais Practitioner

What Sets Us Apart

Why Us?

Physio Ed. programs are developed by medical professionals and clinicians to meet the unique needs of movement and aging. We use an evidence-based approach that focuses on building balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility.