Alex Goldenring DPT

Senior man sitting in a arm chair

Knee Pain When Sitting

“My knees hurt whenever I go to sit in a chair. What’s going on with this, and is there anything that can help?” -Jerry E. This is a really common problem as we age, and it is likely a movement related issue.  HOW you are transitioning from standing to sitting is likely directly related with your level of discomfort, not

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Front Shoulder Pain Stretches

“I have pain when reaching behind my back in the front of my shoulder. What can I do?” Having pain in the front of the shoulder while reaching behind is a common issue and straightforward to address.  Often this is diagnosed as a bicep tendinopathy.  Interesting enough, however, the bicep is not the culprit—it is only the source of the

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Should I Avoid Getting on the Floor?

“It’s getting harder to get up from the floor. Is this something I should avoid?” As we age our bodies tend towards muscular weakness, stiffness, and decreased power that can dampen our confidence with activities and movements that were previously easy for us.  However, all of those categories are trainable regardless of age and can see significant improvements when given

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Sitting Not Helping Back Pain

“I’m trying to rest my back but it isn’t helping. Could sitting be causing my back pain?” -Daniel Daniel, you have a good thought that if you are in acute low back pain that resting may be a good option.  However, you want to make sure you are not sitting to the point of it adversely impacting the healing process

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