Understanding and Managing Hip Flexor Pain

Senior women doing yoga to prevent hip flexor pain

Do you feel a stubborn pain in the front of your hip when you walk, get out of a chair, or stand up? Hip flexor pain is a common condition that can make it difficult for older adults to participate in daily life and be tricky to overcome.  Healthy hip flexors are important to your […]

A Guide to Walking Poles for Seniors

walking with poles

Walking is undoubtedly one of the best forms of exercise for seniors. It can help you stay fit, prevent disease, and improve your mental well-being.  However, walking can pose some challenges for older adults, such as joint pain, fatigue, and increased fall risk. Many seniors are turning to walking poles to minimize these downsides and […]

Fire Hydrant Exercises: The Ultimate Guide

Fire hydrant exercises: portrait of a senior Caucasian preparing for a yoga class

If you need easily accessible and practical hip exercises, “fire hydrant” exercises may be a great option. Although simple, many older adults consider this exercise a big help in their wellness routine. Of course, understanding why these exercises are helpful and knowing how to use them properly is essential for getting the results you want. […]

A Physical Therapist’s Perspective on Knee Pain When Bending

Knee Pain When Bending: Image of senior couple doing lungers with a personal trainer

Have you ever felt pain or discomfort in your knee when you bend it? Or maybe a dull ache that lingers after you straighten it? If so, don’t panic just yet! Knee pain when bending is a common challenge for older adults that can have various causes. While it can be significant in some cases, […]

Knee Pain When Going Up Stairs: Causes, Treatments & Prevention Tips

Knee Pain While Going Up Stairs Image of a senior woman walking up stairs

Is your regular journey up a flight of stairs starting to feel like a mountain trek due to knee pain? Many older adults experience knee pain when climbing stairs, but there are ways to treat this common problem. Knee pain isn’t a mandatory part of aging and is also not something you should ignore. Having […]

Knee Pain When Squatting: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Image of seniors exercising outdoors without knee pain while squatting

Knee pain when squatting can be a frustrating barrier to maintaining an active lifestyle. If you’re living with knee pain that’s limiting your ability to bend and squat, don’t throw in the towel just yet! This type of pain can usually be treated with effective pain management, changes to certain activities, corrections to your squat […]

Choosing the Best Compression Socks

Image of two senior men running with compression socks

Has your doctor recently recommended compression socks to help remedy circulation problems? If so, you’re not alone. Poor circulation is a common complaint for many older adults, particularly in the legs, often leading to discomfort and health risks.  Compression socks are a proven tool to help in this all-too-common scenario. These unique socks aid circulation, […]

Choosing the Best Walker for Your Needs

PhysioEd guide to Choosing your first walker. Image: senior woman with her walker in the park with her adult daughter

If your doctor has encouraged you to do so, choosing the best walker for you may seem intimidating. However, mastering the nuances of your walker will not only ensure safety and efficiency but significantly enhance your mobility and independence.  Although any walker for seniors is designed to encourage safe movement, it’s crucial to recognize that […]

How to Deal with Hip Pain While Sleeping

Image of an older woman awake watching the clock from hip pain while sleeping

Do you suffer from hip pain that keeps you awake? If hip pain wakes you up at night, you are not alone. As a licensed physical therapist, I can verify that hip pain is a common complaint among older adults. It can affect sleep quality as well as overall health. But what causes hip pain […]

What Are the Five Types of Psoriatic Arthritis?

psoriatic arthritis activities

Many older adults struggle with one form of arthritis or another, and how you manage your condition can significantly impact your everyday life. While psoriatic arthritis can be complex, knowing more about the condition can help you make better choices for your health as you age. 

Choosing the Right Shoe Orthotics

Image of a woman fitting herself for shoe orthotics

Low back, knee and foot pain are common concerns for many older adults. As we age, finding strategies to help limit and prevent musculoskeletal pain becomes even more important. One popular solution for these problems is using arch supports or shoe inserts, also known as orthotics. Should older adults use arch supports and shoe inserts? If […]

How to Fix Flared Ribs: Physical Therapy Exercises and Posture Tips

Image of man holding his ribcage with flared ribs

Posture affects many aspects of your life, from balance and movement to long-term health and well-being. If you have been told that you have flared ribs, you may wonder how they impact your posture and what you can do to fix them.  Flared ribs are not always a problem, but they can sometimes indicate shallow […]

A Guide to Reading Blood Pressure

Image of a senior woman getting her blood pressure reading from a male nurse

Navigating the landscape of health and wellness as we age can feel like a complex puzzle. Understanding and managing our blood pressure is among the most critical pieces of this puzzle. But what exactly is blood pressure, and why is it so crucial to our health? As a physical therapist who works with older adults […]

Exploring Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis: A New Option for Joint Health

Stem cell treatment for arthritis may be a helpful treatment to keep you up and moving: image of four senior friends walking and being active outdoors

There is no cure for arthritis, but there are ways to manage the condition and reduce its impact. You may have heard of different options, such as medications, supplements, physical therapy, and surgery, but you need help determining what’s right for you. But what if another option could help you heal your joints from within, […]

Unusual Stroke Symptoms: What Older Adults Need to Know

Image of an older black man rubbing his head; headaches are among many common stroke symptoms

Most of us are familiar with the common symptoms of stroke, such as sudden numbness, confusion, or difficulty speaking. But do you know that strokes can also present in less obvious ways?  A stroke, sometimes referred to as a “brain attack,” occurs when — at least in the case of ischemic strokes — blood flow to an […]

A Senior’s Guide to Peroneal Tendonitis

Male hiking shoes and legs while walking in the woods with hiking poles

Experiencing discomfort along the outer side of your lower leg? This might be a sign of peroneal tendonitis. While not critical, it can interfere with daily activities, especially for older adults. In this article, we will explain what peroneal tendonitis is, how it is diagnosed and treated, and how to prevent it from happening through […]

Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery: What You Need to Know

Image of a senior man playing tennis after rotator cuff surgery recovery

Are you or a loved one facing the prospect of rotator cuff surgery? If so, you may have questions about the procedure and the rotator cuff surgery recovery process.  From managing post-operative pain and inflammation to reaping the benefits of a tailored physical therapy program, this article will guide you through what to expect after […]

COPD Rehabilitation & Treatment Strategies

Image of a senior woman outdoors. COPD treatment allows older adults to live more abundant happy lives.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common lung condition that affects millions of older adults worldwide. While it can be a challenging condition to live with, treatment is widely available for their COPD, and they can still lead a fulfilling life. But what does that treatment look like? With the proper care and support, […]

“Is Arthritis Hereditary?” Facts and Myths about Arthritis

Grandparents and their grandkids, is arthritis genetic?

Arthritis is one of the most common conditions older adults face worldwide. While there is a lot now known about arthritis, there are also still some big unknowns. Common myths and misconceptions can confuse those looking for good information. As a physical therapist who has lots of experience helping older adults better manage their arthritis, […]

Exercises Provide Home Remedies for Foot Neuropathy

Rear view of senior man barefoot walking on sea shore holding shoes and hat in hands

Foot neuropathy is a common problem for seniors, and knowing how to manage this condition can be challenging. While various factors can cause this problem and can significantly impact your daily activities and quality of life, there are exercises you can use to help improve the health of your feet. Let’s explore some causes of […]

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Recovery: Physical Therapist Advice

An older man holds his achy knees while sitting on the couch

If your knee pain impacts your daily life and doesn’t improve with treatment, your doctor may recommend arthroscopic knee surgery. Arthroscopic knee surgery is a popular option today that can relieve pain, improve function, and help you return to your favorite activities. But how long does it take to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery? And […]

Stress Fracture Symptoms: What You Need to Know

Image of a man with shin pain from stress fractures

Have you ever felt a sharp pain that started after exercise or a long walk? If the ache persists and worsens when applying pressure, you may have a stress fracture.  As a physical therapist who’s worked with many older adults recovering from a variety of fractures, I’m passionate about helping older adults understand, manage, and […]

Building Bone Density Naturally: The Guide to Weight-Bearing Exercise

Image of healthy senior couple jogging up a flight of stairs

Our bodies demand more care and attention as we age, especially when it comes to bone health. Weight-bearing exercises are pivotal for bone strength while offering a practical approach to enhancing bone strength and overall well-being. Whether it’s a simple walk around the neighborhood or engaging in squats and lunges at home, these exercises offer […]

Knee Replacement Recovery: A Guide for Older Adults

Image of a doctor examining a senior patient's knee replacement recovery status

Does knee pain or stiffness seriously limit your daily activities? If so, you may be considering knee replacement surgery.  Knee replacement surgery, also known as total knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that replaces the damaged parts of your knee joint with artificial implants. In most cases, knee replacement relieves pain, improves mobility, and restores […]

How to Deal with Knee Bursitis: Exercises, Treatments, and Tips

Image of a man with bursitis outdoors holkding his knee

Do you feel pain or stiffness in your knee when you walk, kneel, or bend? Or perhaps you’ve noticed persistent swelling around your kneecap? If so, you might have knee bursitis, a condition that affects many active adults. Knee bursitis is an inflammatory condition of the knee that can interfere with your daily activities and […]

Therapeutic Ultrasound for Arthritis: A Guide for Active Adults

Image of an older woman receiving therapeutic ultrasound on her elbow

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to relieve your arthritis pain without taking medications or undergoing surgery? If so, you may be interested in learning about alternative treatment options like therapeutic ultrasound to manage your joint pain. Physical therapists and other health professionals have used ultrasound to treat various musculoskeletal conditions, including arthritis, […]

COVID-19 and Vertigo: Understanding the Connection

Have you ever experienced a sensation where it seems like the room is spinning around you, or you’re moving when you’re stationary?  This unsettling feeling is known as vertigo, which is not a disease but a symptom of various conditions that affect your inner ear or brain’s balance system. Vertigo can lead to feelings of […]

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery: What You Need to Know

Image of a senior woman discussing arthroscopic shoulder surgery with her doctor

Are you struggling with shoulder pain or stiffness? If so, you may have heard of arthroscopic shoulder surgery as a potential treatment option. But what exactly is arthroscopic shoulder surgery, and how can it help you?   Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is a specialized procedure that utilizes a small camera and instruments to address various shoulder problems, […]

When Back Pain Isn’t Just Back Pain

back pain emergencies

Back pain is a common problem for older adults that can vary widely between individuals, but when is back pain an emergency? In some cases, back pain can be so debilitating that it feels like an emergency, yet many older adults aren’t sure when there is cause for worry. Knowing the difference between normal back […]

Navigating Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery

Image of a doctor explaining spinal fusion to a senior female patient.

Aging gracefully often comes with its fair share of challenges. Among these are the persistent neck and back aches that no number of massages or over-the-counter painkillers seem to alleviate. For some more serious cases, the proposed solution, often seen as a last resort, is spinal fusion surgery.  Spinal fusion surgery is a major procedure […]

Golfer’s Wrist Pain and Exercises That Help

Male golfer doing a golf swing outdoors

Wrist pain can be a frustrating problem affecting a variety of athletes, but there’s a reason that “golfer’s wrist” is named for the sport. This article will explore what causes golfer’s wrist, treatment options, and how to manage wrist pain with exercise so you can keep playing golf. What is Golfer’s Wrist? The term golfer’s wrist describes […]

What Is Cognitive Health?

senior woman collecting jigsaw puzzle as dementia therapy

Cognitive health is key to a well-balanced life for any older adult. While many often feel that they can only influence their physical health, there are several ways that older adults can support and maintain their cognitive health in daily life. Keep reading to learn more about the value of cognitive health for seniors, how […]

Shingles Stages for Seniors & What to Expect

shingles vaccination concept, vaccine vial, shingles vaccine

Understanding the basics of the primary shingles stages, how it can affect your day-to-day life, and the best available treatment options can make a big difference in your overall recovery for a better quality of life. What Are Shingles? Herpes zoster, or shingles, is a painful skin rash caused by the same virus that causes […]

The 5 Best Foot Exercises For Seniors

Foot Exercises for Seniors: Grandparents training stretching doing yoga exercises at home on lockdown together keeping balance.

As you age, taking good care of your feet is essential. Taking preventive steps and incorporating simple exercises into your daily routine will provide lasting benefits and help maintain mobility as you grow older. This article will introduce you to our favorite foot exercises for seniors to keep you moving and pain-free. From strengthening muscles […]

Unlocking Hip Rotation to Enhance Mobility and Prevent Injuries 

Do you ever feel pain or stiffness in your hips when you walk, run, or exercise? Do you have trouble sitting in certain positions, moving your legs in different directions, or performing certain activities? If so, you might have a problem with your hip mobility, specifically your hip rotation.  Hip rotation is the ability to […]

Core Exercises for Seniors

Core strength for seniors: image of a group of senior women doing bird dog floor exercise for core strength outdoors

How often do you think about your core muscles? If you’re like most seniors, you pay little attention to them until problems like poor posture, pain, or balance issues arise. Thankfully, simple core exercises are a great way to improve your general health and quality of life as you age. Your core muscles are the […]

What Causes a Rounded Back?

Woman with Rounded Back

A rounded back is an understandable concern for many older adults. While many seniors live with kyphosis or forward curvature of the upper spine, it is often a mysterious and poorly understood condition. It can be helpful to understand the basics of kyphosis and its various causes, its symptoms and diagnosis, and the best treatment options […]

How to Boost Your Memory Skills and Stay Sharp as You Age

memorization skills

As you age, your memory can become a much more significant health issue than ever before. Many older adults associate aging with memory, and it’s not always positive. It can be easy to assume that there’s nothing you can do to improve your memory skills as you age or that becoming forgetful is just part […]

Neck & Back Pain: Driving Without Pain

neck pain from driving

If you’ve ever had neck and back pain, you know that it can make simple activities like driving your car uncomfortable. For many older adults, finding strategies to improve comfort during driving can make a big difference in everyday life. By making the proper car seat adjustments and creating an action plan, you can enjoy […]

Drug-Free Alternatives for Back Pain Relief: Why Medication May Not Be the Best Option

Close-up of senior man giving his wife medication at home

Back pain can make your favorite activities and your daily life more difficult. When new back pain or flare-ups arise, most people will do whatever they have to relieve pain and keep their symptoms under control.  While medications are commonly prescribed to treat back pain, many older adults are now seeking drug-free alternatives for either […]

The Value of Exercise for Older Adults

Multiracial seniors exercising on mats over hardwood floor against plants in yard

Exercise benefits people of all ages, but it is essential for seniors to stay active. As we age, our bodies become less resilient and are more susceptible to health problems. Fortunately, regular exercise can help offset the effects of aging by providing a wide range of benefits.  The evidence is clear: regular exercise can help […]

What is Physical Therapy?

Biracial female physiotherapist helping senior man to exercise with resistance bands

Physical therapy (or physiotherapy) is a division of health care known as rehabilitation medicine focused on treating and preventing physical injuries, disabilities, and other impairments.

Osteoporosis 101: What You Need to Know About Bone Health and Fracture Risk

Shot of an unrecognizable doctor showing an x ray scan to a senior patient

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that can seriously complicate the lives of older adults. It often leads to broken bones, most commonly as hip or spinal fractures. Unfortunately, many older adults don’t know enough about osteoporosis management or prevention. Whether or not you develop osteoporosis depends on your understanding of the disease. Knowing what makes […]

The Five Best Types of Exercise For Healthy Aging

Senior people doing rehab workout at the gym

Ready to get started with a new exercise routine but need to decide which types of exercise to focus on? Your exercise needs will change as you age, and the types of exercise seniors should focus on may differ from when you were younger. Research shows us that participating in an exercise program improves nearly all […]

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Senior person training arm musles with hand weights

Some exercise trends are hard to ignore, and very few have impacted the therapy and sports medicine communities like blood flow restriction training. But what exactly is BFR, and why does it matter? What Is Blood Flow Restriction Training? Blood flow restriction training (BFR) involves using a cuff or band to stop blood flow from […]

Tennis Elbow vs. Golf Elbow

senior tennis players

Are you experiencing persistent pain in your elbow? A variety of activities can cause elbow pain. Two of the most common elbow conditions are tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow or “golf elbow.” However, knowing whether you have tennis elbow or golf elbow can be tricky. While both conditions can be difficult to treat, understanding their […]