Understanding Headache Treatment: A Guide for Older Adults

Senior African American man with a headache at his desk

Headaches, including migraines, tension, and cluster headaches, are a significant health issue globally, affecting nearly half of the adult population, as noted by the World Health Organization. These conditions span all ages, races, and socioeconomic groups, often presenting a challenge in identifying their root causes. This article will explore the various types of headaches, emphasizing […]

Knee Pain When Squatting: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Image of seniors exercising outdoors without knee pain while squatting

Knee pain when squatting can be a frustrating barrier to maintaining an active lifestyle. If you’re living with knee pain that’s limiting your ability to bend and squat, don’t throw in the towel just yet! This type of pain can usually be treated with effective pain management, changes to certain activities, corrections to your squat […]

Choosing the Best Compression Socks

Image of two senior men running with compression socks

Has your doctor recently recommended compression socks to help remedy circulation problems? If so, you’re not alone. Poor circulation is a common complaint for many older adults, particularly in the legs, often leading to discomfort and health risks.  Compression socks are a proven tool to help in this all-too-common scenario. These unique socks aid circulation, […]

How to Deal with Hip Pain While Sleeping

Image of an older woman awake watching the clock from hip pain while sleeping

Do you suffer from hip pain that keeps you awake? If hip pain wakes you up at night, you are not alone. As a licensed physical therapist, I can verify that hip pain is a common complaint among older adults. It can affect sleep quality as well as overall health. But what causes hip pain […]

Choosing the Right Shoe Orthotics

Image of a woman fitting herself for shoe orthotics

Low back, knee and foot pain are common concerns for many older adults. As we age, finding strategies to help limit and prevent musculoskeletal pain becomes even more important. One popular solution for these problems is using arch supports or shoe inserts, also known as orthotics. Should older adults use arch supports and shoe inserts? If […]

Exercises For Tech Neck

Stress from reading the news online isn’t the only downside to computer use: our increased reliance on technology may also be harming our posture and our bodies. Sitting with your head drooping while looking at your phone or tablet causes stress, leading to unnecessary neck and shoulder pain. Fortunately, you can relieve pain with commonsense […]

Spinal Decompression at Home: A Guide for Back Pain Prevention

Spinal Decompression at Home: image of an older man looking at a spinal xray with his female doctor

Back pain can be frustrating, affecting our daily activities and overall quality of life. Spinal decompression at home could offer significant relief without visiting a hospital. So, what is spinal decompression exactly, and how can it be done in the comfort of your home?  Decompression offers several advantages for older adults with chronic back pain […]

How to Fix Flared Ribs: Physical Therapy Exercises and Posture Tips

Image of man holding his ribcage with flared ribs

Posture affects many aspects of your life, from balance and movement to long-term health and well-being. If you have been told that you have flared ribs, you may wonder how they impact your posture and what you can do to fix them.  Flared ribs are not always a problem, but they can sometimes indicate shallow […]

Swayback Posture: Causes, Risks, and Treatment 

Do you feel an increased pressure in your lower back or a sensation of your upper body leaning backward? Do you notice your stomach protruding or your pelvis tilting forward? If so, you may have what’s known as a “swayback” posture, also called hyperlordosis. This condition results in a pronounced arch in the lower back […]

Achy Knees: The Facts About Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis, the most prevalent joint disease globally, impacts over 240 million people. This condition can affect any joint, but it’s most commonly found in the knees, hips, hands, lower back, and neck. In the case of knee osteoarthritis, the cartilage wears down and becomes rough. As a result, the protective space and tissues within […]

Navigating Toenail Care: Essential Tips for Older Adults

Image of a woman's painted toenails at the beach

As we age, taking care of our toenails becomes more important than ever, but it can also be more difficult for various reasons. Sometimes, toenail care might slip when dealing with other health issues. Toenail care is more than just looking good — it’s key for staying healthy and comfortable in our senior years. Ignoring […]

A Senior’s Guide to Peroneal Tendonitis

Male hiking shoes and legs while walking in the woods with hiking poles

Experiencing discomfort along the outer side of your lower leg? This might be a sign of peroneal tendonitis. While not critical, it can interfere with daily activities, especially for older adults. In this article, we will explain what peroneal tendonitis is, how it is diagnosed and treated, and how to prevent it from happening through […]

All About Heel Pain

Image of a senior woman rubbing her ankle because of heel pain

Maintaining mobility and independence is one of our most important well-being priorities as we age. However, heel pain, a common and debilitating condition for many seniors, can hinder our ability to stay active and engaged in daily activities.  This article will delve into heel pain, exploring its common (and some less common) causes, the importance […]

How to Improve Circulation in the Legs & Feet

Image of a woman stretching barefoot outdoors in the park

As a physical therapist, I deeply understand the significance of maintaining good circulation, especially for my older patients. This guide focuses on how to improve circulation in the legs and feet, an area crucial for overall health and mobility in seniors. In this article, we’ll explore the fundamentals of circulatory health, provide practical exercises, and […]

Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery: What You Need to Know

Image of a senior man playing tennis after rotator cuff surgery recovery

Are you or a loved one facing the prospect of rotator cuff surgery? If so, you may have questions about the procedure and the rotator cuff surgery recovery process.  From managing post-operative pain and inflammation to reaping the benefits of a tailored physical therapy program, this article will guide you through what to expect after […]

Exercises Provide Home Remedies for Foot Neuropathy

Rear view of senior man barefoot walking on sea shore holding shoes and hat in hands

Foot neuropathy is a common problem for seniors, and knowing how to manage this condition can be challenging. While various factors can cause this problem and can significantly impact your daily activities and quality of life, there are exercises you can use to help improve the health of your feet. Let’s explore some causes of […]

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Recovery: Physical Therapist Advice

An older man holds his achy knees while sitting on the couch

If your knee pain impacts your daily life and doesn’t improve with treatment, your doctor may recommend arthroscopic knee surgery. Arthroscopic knee surgery is a popular option today that can relieve pain, improve function, and help you return to your favorite activities. But how long does it take to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery? And […]

What Causes Swelling in the Feet & Ankles (And How to Fix It)

Image of elderly man rubbing foot from plantar fasciitis

Have you ever tried putting on your shoes and felt they were tighter than usual or didn’t fit anymore? Or have you noticed a strong indentation in your skin left behind from your socks when taking them off at the end of the day? Swollen legs, ankles, and feet can be anxiety-provoking when you don’t […]

Stress Fracture Symptoms: What You Need to Know

Image of a man with shin pain from stress fractures

Have you ever felt a sharp pain that started after exercise or a long walk? If the ache persists and worsens when applying pressure, you may have a stress fracture.  As a physical therapist who’s worked with many older adults recovering from a variety of fractures, I’m passionate about helping older adults understand, manage, and […]

Neck Pain From Upper Cross Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Senior woman, neck pain and stress in living room home of spine injury, fibromyalgia and osteoporos

Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS) is a common yet often misunderstood condition that arises from poor postural habits. Characterized by a forward head posture and rounded shoulders, UCS can lead to chronic neck pain, reduced mobility, and even functional disability. This comprehensive guide delves into the causes, symptoms, and effective treatment strategies for Upper Cross Syndrome. […]

Building Bone Density Naturally: The Guide to Weight-Bearing Exercise

Image of healthy senior couple jogging up a flight of stairs

Our bodies demand more care and attention as we age, especially when it comes to bone health. Weight-bearing exercises are pivotal for bone strength while offering a practical approach to enhancing bone strength and overall well-being. Whether it’s a simple walk around the neighborhood or engaging in squats and lunges at home, these exercises offer […]

Understanding Bone Density Tests for Women: When and Why to Get Screened

Image of an older African American viewing bone density test results with her female doctor

Bone density is a simple way of measuring how strong our bones are. This becomes increasingly important as we age, particularly for women. Bone density is measured by the amount of calcium and other minerals in our bones. When these minerals are in short supply, conditions like osteopenia and osteoporosis can develop, leading to bones […]

Knee Replacement Recovery: A Guide for Older Adults

Image of a doctor examining a senior patient's knee replacement recovery status

Does knee pain or stiffness seriously limit your daily activities? If so, you may be considering knee replacement surgery.  Knee replacement surgery, also known as total knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that replaces the damaged parts of your knee joint with artificial implants. In most cases, knee replacement relieves pain, improves mobility, and restores […]

How to Deal with Knee Bursitis: Exercises, Treatments, and Tips

Image of a man with bursitis outdoors holkding his knee

Do you feel pain or stiffness in your knee when you walk, kneel, or bend? Or perhaps you’ve noticed persistent swelling around your kneecap? If so, you might have knee bursitis, a condition that affects many active adults. Knee bursitis is an inflammatory condition of the knee that can interfere with your daily activities and […]

Crackling Knees? Here’s Knee Crepitus Exercises That Help

Image of a doctor palpating a senior woman's knee to examine knee crepitus

If you’ve ever wondered about the crackling sounds your knees make when you bend or extend them, you might be experiencing a common occurrence known as knee crepitus. This article will unravel the mystery behind these curious noises and share some practical exercises for pain relief and joint mobility.   Understanding Knee Crepitus Your knee joint […]

Creaky Shoulders? What To Do For Shoulder Crepitus

Image of a senior woman stretching her arms and shoulders before a run.

Have you noticed your shoulders making new sounds in recent years? Perhaps you’re experiencing the peculiar sensation of your shoulders crackling, popping, or feeling stiff. This noisy phenomenon, known as shoulder crepitus, can be a nuisance that affects your shoulders’ comfortable movement and mobility. This article will help you understand why crepitus happens and how […]

Osteoporosis Printable Fact Sheet [PDF]

osteoporosis fact sheet

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects the health and strength of the bones, making them more likely to break. It is more common in women, especially after menopause, but it can also affect men and younger people. Osteoporosis is a serious health challenge that can affect the quality of life and well-being. According to the […]

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery: What You Need to Know

Image of a senior woman discussing arthroscopic shoulder surgery with her doctor

Are you struggling with shoulder pain or stiffness? If so, you may have heard of arthroscopic shoulder surgery as a potential treatment option. But what exactly is arthroscopic shoulder surgery, and how can it help you?   Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is a specialized procedure that utilizes a small camera and instruments to address various shoulder problems, […]

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis: A Guide to Relief and Recovery

Image of older blonde woman rubbing her heel from plantar fasciitis pain

Have you ever experienced a sharp, stabbing pain in your heel when you take your first steps in the morning? Or perhaps you’ve felt a persistent ache in the arch of your foot that won’t go away. If so, you might be among the millions of active adults who have encountered a common yet often […]

When Back Pain Isn’t Just Back Pain

back pain emergencies

Back pain is a common problem for older adults that can vary widely between individuals, but when is back pain an emergency? In some cases, back pain can be so debilitating that it feels like an emergency, yet many older adults aren’t sure when there is cause for worry. Knowing the difference between normal back […]

Navigating Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery

Image of a doctor explaining spinal fusion to a senior female patient.

Aging gracefully often comes with its fair share of challenges. Among these are the persistent neck and back aches that no number of massages or over-the-counter painkillers seem to alleviate. For some more serious cases, the proposed solution, often seen as a last resort, is spinal fusion surgery.  Spinal fusion surgery is a major procedure […]

Golfer’s Wrist Pain and Exercises That Help

Male golfer doing a golf swing outdoors

Wrist pain can be a frustrating problem affecting a variety of athletes, but there’s a reason that “golfer’s wrist” is named for the sport. This article will explore what causes golfer’s wrist, treatment options, and how to manage wrist pain with exercise so you can keep playing golf. What is Golfer’s Wrist? The term golfer’s wrist describes […]

The 5 Best Foot Exercises For Seniors

Foot Exercises for Seniors: Grandparents training stretching doing yoga exercises at home on lockdown together keeping balance.

As you age, taking good care of your feet is essential. Taking preventive steps and incorporating simple exercises into your daily routine will provide lasting benefits and help maintain mobility as you grow older. This article will introduce you to our favorite foot exercises for seniors to keep you moving and pain-free. From strengthening muscles […]

How Can Hand Therapy Help Me? 

Have you ever struggled with discomfort, stiffness, numbness, or a lack of strength in your hands or arms? You’re far from alone. Many seniors live with conditions that impair their hand and upper extremity function, but hand therapy can help. It can be frustrating when your hands don’t perform as you’re used to. These conditions […]

Unlocking Hip Rotation to Enhance Mobility and Prevent Injuries 

Do you ever feel pain or stiffness in your hips when you walk, run, or exercise? Do you have trouble sitting in certain positions, moving your legs in different directions, or performing certain activities? If so, you might have a problem with your hip mobility, specifically your hip rotation.  Hip rotation is the ability to […]

Simple Hand Stretches and Exercises for Pain Relief

Hand stretches: Image of an older woman making a heart shape with her hands outside

If you are experiencing pain in your hands while doing simple tasks like holding a cup or turning a doorknob, know you are not alone. Hand and wrist pain plagues people of all ages but becomes much more prevalent as we age. Getting older means our hands can become weaker and less flexible, causing discomfort […]

What Causes a Rounded Back?

Woman with Rounded Back

A rounded back is an understandable concern for many older adults. While many seniors live with kyphosis or forward curvature of the upper spine, it is often a mysterious and poorly understood condition. It can be helpful to understand the basics of kyphosis and its various causes, its symptoms and diagnosis, and the best treatment options […]

Neck & Back Pain: Driving Without Pain

neck pain from driving

If you’ve ever had neck and back pain, you know that it can make simple activities like driving your car uncomfortable. For many older adults, finding strategies to improve comfort during driving can make a big difference in everyday life. By making the proper car seat adjustments and creating an action plan, you can enjoy […]

What You Need to Know About Neck Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

Elderly with office syndrome or work-related musculoskeletal disorder

Neck pain is something many of us will deal with, especially as we get older. It’s more than just a stiff neck now and then; it’s a real problem for about 30% of us each year. In this article, we will closely examine the neck, learn why it can begin to hurt, and share some […]

Drug-Free Alternatives for Back Pain Relief: Why Medication May Not Be the Best Option

Close-up of senior man giving his wife medication at home

Back pain can make your favorite activities and your daily life more difficult. When new back pain or flare-ups arise, most people will do whatever they have to relieve pain and keep their symptoms under control.  While medications are commonly prescribed to treat back pain, many older adults are now seeking drug-free alternatives for either […]

Relieve Neck Pain From Sleeping

relieve neck pain from sleeping

In this video, we discuss how to improve your sleep and prevent neck pain. Many people struggle with sleeping positions that cause neck pain. One of the most important factors to consider is the type of pillow you use. Using too many pillows can cause pressure on your neck, leading to pain and discomfort. Instead, […]

Jaw Exercises to Relieve TMJ Pain

man with jaw pain

Chronic pain in the jaw is widespread, especially among people over sixty-five. TMJ pain can also accompany many conditions, making it challenging to figure out the exact cause without proper screening. Performing jaw exercises can significantly impact pain for many types of jaw dysfunction regardless of age. Targeted exercises can increase strength, relax tight muscles, […]

Improve Your Shoulder Health with Three Expert Tips from a Physical Therapist

Shoulder Pain Relief

Physical therapist Dr. Kathy Doubleday shares three tips to decrease stress on our shoulders in this video. You will learn: How posture affects shoulder motion substantially. Adjusting our posture to a tall position before lifting an arm can naturally increase shoulder movement. Lifting arms in extreme positions or reaching across our body stresses our shoulders […]

5 Quick Tips for Reducing Knee Pain

Knee Pain Tips

In this video, physical therapist Kathy Doubleday DPT, OCS will guide you through exercises that may help to relieve knee pain. If you’re experiencing knee pain during exercise or when performing movements like getting up from a chair or walking, Dr. Kathy Doubleday will provide you with helpful tips. In this lesson, she will: Guide […]

Slipping a Disk: We Explain Disk Herniation

disk herniation

Up to 80% of individuals will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, and in many cases, disc herniation is to blame. Despite being incredibly painful for some people, most cases improve with a few weeks to months of conservative treatment including traditional medicinal and complementary options. Spinal Anatomy To better understand […]

Tennis Elbow vs. Golf Elbow

senior tennis players

Are you experiencing persistent pain in your elbow? A variety of activities can cause elbow pain. Two of the most common elbow conditions are tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow or “golf elbow.” However, knowing whether you have tennis elbow or golf elbow can be tricky. While both conditions can be difficult to treat, understanding their […]

Exercises for Hip Bursitis

hip bursitis pain

If you’ve ever experienced hip pain, you know that it can be agitating and limiting in your daily activities. One of the more common varieties of hip pain is known as hip bursitis (or trochanteric bursitis). In this article, we’ll explain what hip bursitis is, and we’ll explore some options for which exercises for hip […]

Knee Exercise for Seniors

Full length of active biracial senior man holding racket and playing tennis at tennis court

Knee injuries can happen at any age, but they can be particularly harmful to seniors. Simple knee exercises can help to prevent joint pain, and improve balance, to better your day-to-day life. Common Causes of Knee Pain Among Seniors Knee pain is common and can result from sprains, tears, or tendinitis. It may also stem […]

Hip Exercises for Seniors

Hip Exercises

If you suffer from hip pain, you are not alone. One study found that roughly fourteen percent of people over the age of sixty reported significant hip pain on most days, while more than eighteen percent of inactive seniors reported severe hip pain in the previous month. Hip pain can lead to difficulty with bending, […]

Exercises for Bone Strength

bone mass and age

The Importance of Exercising with Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is fairly common, with an estimated 10 million people over the age of 50 suffering from this condition. And, about 43 million more people suffer from low bone mass, which puts them at an increased risk for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is characterized by significant bone loss and decreased bone […]

Best Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain

When you are dealing with back pain lying down on your back with your legs elevated on pillows or on the couch arm is the most decompressive position to rest the back and is the best place to start with acute pain. Low back pain is an extremely common complaint, with approximately 80% of the […]

Can I Exercise With a Bad Back?

osteoporosis exercise

 “I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease a couple years ago. I get lower back pain that comes and goes.  I used to love exercising and being active but have been afraid of making my back worse. Is there anything I can do to help me stay in shape but not hurt my back? –Cassie […]

Video Tip for Knee Pain When Bending

Have you ever had trouble bending down to pick something up from the floor? If so, this video is for you. In it, we share a quick tip on how to make bending easier, protect your back, and avoid knee pain when bending. Watch now and see for yourself how this simple modification can help […]

Front Shoulder Pain Stretches

“I have pain when reaching behind my back in the front of my shoulder. What can I do?” Having pain in the front of the shoulder while reaching behind is a common issue and straightforward to address.  Often this is diagnosed as a bicep tendinopathy.  Interesting enough, however, the bicep is not the culprit—it is […]

Spinal Stenosis: The Other Cause of Back Pain

Spinal Stenosis

 Lumbar spinal stenosis is a common condition, affecting more than 200,000 adults in the United States. Lumbar spinal stenosis is the most common reason for spinal surgery in patients over the age of 65; however, surgery has shown no significant benefit over conservative treatment options. If you have recently received a diagnosis of lumbar spinal […]

Sitting Not Helping Back Pain

“I’m trying to rest my back but it isn’t helping. Could sitting be causing my back pain?” -Daniel Daniel, you have a good thought that if you are in acute low back pain that resting may be a good option.  However, you want to make sure you are not sitting to the point of it […]

Ask a PT: “What exercises help a sore back?”

Back Stretch

What Exercises Help a Sore Back? In general you can break down low back pain into two major categories. Disorders that affect the front of the spine versus the back of the spine. (The front being the disc and surrounding tissues and the back being the joints and ligament structures called facet joints.) Disorders in the […]

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