The Power of Your Glutes: All About Hip Extension

Hip extension involves engagement of the gluteal muscles to drive the hips forward as in this image of a senior woman doing a bridge exercise.

Welcome to our exploration of hip extension—an essential exercise for adults of any age. In a society that is becoming more sedentary by the year, hip extension exercises are great for counteracting some of the impacts of sitting in a chair or on the couch all day.  Hip extension exercises target the glutes, the muscles […]

The Best Hip Exercises for Seniors

Hip Exercises

If you suffer from hip pain, you are not alone. One study found that roughly fourteen percent of people over sixty reported significant hip pain on most days, while more than eighteen percent of inactive seniors reported severe hip pain in the previous month. Hip pain can make bending, walking, putting on shoes, and other […]

Exercises for Hip Bursitis

hip bursitis pain

If you’ve ever experienced hip pain, you know that it can be agitating and limit your daily activities. One of the more common varieties of hip pain is hip bursitis (or trochanteric bursitis). In this article, we’ll explain what hip bursitis is and explore some options for which exercises for hip bursitis will make you […]

Understanding and Managing Hip Flexor Pain

Senior women doing yoga to prevent hip flexor pain

Do you feel a stubborn pain in the front of your hip when you walk, get out of a chair, or stand up? Hip flexor pain is a common condition that can make it difficult for older adults to participate in daily life and be tricky to overcome.  Healthy hip flexors are important to your […]

Fire Hydrant Exercises: The Ultimate Guide

Fire hydrant exercises: portrait of a senior Caucasian preparing for a yoga class

If you need easily accessible and practical hip exercises, “fire hydrant” exercises may be a great option. Although simple, many older adults consider this exercise a big help in their wellness routine. Of course, understanding why these exercises are helpful and knowing how to use them properly is essential for getting the results you want. […]

How to Deal with Hip Pain While Sleeping

Image of an older woman awake watching the clock from hip pain while sleeping

Do you suffer from hip pain that keeps you awake? If hip pain wakes you up at night, you are not alone. As a licensed physical therapist, I can verify that hip pain is a common complaint among older adults. It can affect sleep quality as well as overall health. But what causes hip pain […]

Unlocking Hip Rotation to Enhance Mobility and Prevent Injuries 

Do you ever feel pain or stiffness in your hips when you walk, run, or exercise? Do you have trouble sitting in certain positions, moving your legs in different directions, or performing certain activities? If so, you might have a problem with your hip mobility, specifically your hip rotation.  Hip rotation is the ability to […]