What You Need to Know About Neck Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

Elderly with office syndrome or work-related musculoskeletal disorder

Neck pain is a common condition affecting people of all ages. It is the fourth leading cause of disability, affecting roughly 30% of people yearly. (1) An exploration of the parts of the neck, how and why neck pain occurs, and simple tools to keep your neck healthy can be your first defense in keeping […]

Relieve Neck Pain From Sleeping

relieve neck pain from sleeping

In this video, we discuss how to improve your sleep and prevent neck pain. Many people struggle with sleeping positions that cause neck pain. One of the most important factors to consider is the type of pillow you use. Using too many pillows can cause pressure on your neck, leading to pain and discomfort. Instead, […]

Jaw Exercises to Relieve TMJ Pain

man with jaw pain

Chronic pain in the jaw is widespread, especially among people over sixty-five. TMJ pain can also accompany many conditions, making it challenging to figure out the exact cause without proper screening. Performing jaw exercises can significantly impact pain for many types of jaw dysfunction regardless of age. Targeted exercises can increase strength, relax tight muscles, […]

Exercises For Tech Neck

Stress from reading the news online isn’t the only downside to computer use: our increased reliance on technology may also be harming our posture and our bodies. Sitting with your head drooping while looking at your phone or tablet causes a lot of stress, leading to unnecessary neck and shoulder pain. Fortunately, you can relieve […]

Neck Pain From Upper Cross Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Senior woman, neck pain and stress in living room home of spine injury, fibromyalgia and osteoporos

Have you ever rubbed your neck or shoulders and wondered why they feel so tight and painful? Maybe your upper back hurts when you turn your neck. Or perhaps you find it difficult for you to sit up straight. If so, you might be suffering from upper cross syndrome, a condition connected to poor posture […]

Managing Headaches: Causes, Types, and Treatments

There are many different types of headache disorders, some of which are quite serious. Finding ways of managing headaches is essential to your quality of life. Some of the more common types of headache disorders include migraine headaches, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) about 47% of adults suffered […]

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