A Guide to Walking Poles for Seniors

walking with poles

Walking is undoubtedly one of the best forms of exercise for seniors. It can help you stay fit, prevent disease, and improve your mental well-being.  However, walking can pose some challenges for older adults, such as joint pain, fatigue, and increased fall risk. Many seniors are turning to walking poles to minimize these downsides and […]

The Essential Guide to Preventing Falling in the Bathroom: Safety Tips & Strategies

Preventing falling in the bathroom.

Approximately 235,000 people annually encounter bathroom-related injuries, with about 14% resulting in hospitalization. These alarming statistics highlight the importance of fall prevention, especially as we age and face challenges with balance and coordination. This article delves into the common causes of bathroom falls, such as slippery floors and coordination problems, and offers practical solutions for […]

How to Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

Senior women exercising in the park

Poor balance is a significant risk factor for older adult falls, which can lead to serious injury. In fact, one-third of adults over sixty-five will fall once a year. Fortunately, fall prevention for seniors can be as simple as practicing a couple of fundamental exercises in the safety of your home. Why Is There An […]

Step-Over Skills to Avoid Tripping

Step Over Skills to avoid tripping

This video includes Dr. Kathy Doubleday’s advice to improve balance when stepping over objects, which was suggested to a patient experiencing difficulty in stepping over things at home. The lesson involves two components: getting the leg up high enough to go over the object without hitting or tripping on it and weight shifting from one […]