Senior women exercising in the park

How to Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

Poor balance is a significant risk factor for older adult falls, which can lead to serious injury. In fact, one-third of adults over sixty-five will fall once a year. Fortunately, fall prevention for seniors can be as simple as practicing a couple of fundamental exercises in the safety of your home. Why Is There An Increased Risk of Falling With

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Step Over Skills to avoid tripping

Step-Over Skills to Avoid Tripping

This video includes Dr. Kathy Doubleday’s advice to improve balance when stepping over objects, which was suggested to a patient experiencing difficulty in stepping over things at home. The lesson involves two components: getting the leg up high enough to go over the object without hitting or tripping on it and weight shifting from one leg to the other to

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Preventing falling in the bathroom.

Preventing Falling in the Bathroom

Did you know that about 235,000 people annually suffer from injuries from bathroom falls? About 14% of these falls result in hospitalization from serious injuries. But there are easy ways to ensure you don’t find yourself as one of these statistics. By adding simple safety equipment and improving balance skills, you can prevent these types of falls from occurring in

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