Creaky Shoulders? What To Do For Shoulder Crepitus

Image of a senior woman stretching her arms and shoulders before a run.

Have you noticed your shoulders making new sounds in recent years? Perhaps you’re experiencing the peculiar sensation of your shoulders crackling, popping, or feeling stiff. This noisy phenomenon, known as shoulder crepitus, can be a nuisance that affects your shoulders’ comfortable movement and mobility. This article will help you understand why crepitus happens and how […]

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery: What You Need to Know

Image of a senior woman discussing arthroscopic shoulder surgery with her doctor

Are you struggling with shoulder pain or stiffness? If so, you may have heard of arthroscopic shoulder surgery as a potential treatment option. But what exactly is arthroscopic shoulder surgery, and how can it help you?   Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is a specialized procedure that utilizes a small camera and instruments to address various shoulder problems, […]

Frozen Shoulder Printable Exercises [PDF]

If you have frozen shoulder, you know how painful and frustrating it can be. Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a condition that makes your shoulder joint stiff and hard to move. It can affect one or both of your shoulders and last for months or even years. Sometimes, frozen shoulder happens after an injury […]

Chair Stretch: Hips, Back, and Ankle Stretches

EQUIPMENT USED Sturdy Chair LENGTH OF CLASS 16 Minutes FITNESS LEVEL Foundational Welcome to chair stretch with instructor Nancy Radding. In this episode, you will learn some simple and effective exercises to relieve tension and improve your posture while sitting on a chair. You will focus on stretching your hip, back and ankles, which are […]

Improve Your Shoulder Health with Three Expert Tips from a Physical Therapist

Shoulder Pain Relief

Physical therapist Dr. Kathy Doubleday shares three tips to decrease stress on our shoulders in this video. You will learn: How posture affects shoulder motion substantially. Adjusting our posture to a tall position before lifting an arm can naturally increase shoulder movement. Lifting arms in extreme positions or reaching across our body stresses our shoulders […]

Rotator Cuff Printable Exercises [PDF]

rotator cuff exercises and fact sheet

As we age, our bodies inevitably experience wear and tear, and one common area of discomfort for older adults is the rotator cuff. A complex network of muscles and tendons that provide stability and mobility to the shoulder, the rotator cuff is susceptible to injury and degeneration, resulting in pain and limited movement. To help […]

Front Shoulder Pain Stretches

“I have pain when reaching behind my back in the front of my shoulder. What can I do?” Having pain in the front of the shoulder while reaching behind is a common issue and straightforward to address.  Often this is diagnosed as a bicep tendinopathy.  Interesting enough, however, the bicep is not the culprit—it is […]

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