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qigong for seniors in park

Benefits of Qigong for Seniors

Are you curious about Qigong? Perhaps you’ve heard that it can improve balance and help to prevent falls, as well as provide a host of

mopping exercise

Is Housework Exercise?

With rates of preventable disease continuing to climb, exercising for a healthy body has never been more important. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a

senior exercise

Exercise for Overweight Seniors

As health risks increase with age, adopting a regular fitness routine becomes more important than ever. For seniors, prioritizing weight loss can be life-changing. So

Full length of active biracial senior man holding racket and playing tennis at tennis court

Knee Exercise for Seniors

Knee injuries can happen at any age, but they can be particularly harmful to seniors. Simple knee exercises can help to prevent joint pain, and

Hip Exercises

Hip Exercises for Seniors

If you suffer from hip pain, you are not alone. One study found that roughly fourteen percent of people over the age of sixty reported

bone mass and age

Exercises for Bone Strength

The Importance of Exercising with Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is fairly common, with an estimated 10 million people over the age of 50 suffering from this condition.

Young woman stretching arms outdoors

Exercise Warmup for Seniors

Introduction Whether you’re preparing for a long walk on a fall morning or playing tag with your grandchildren on a summer afternoon, a quick warm-up

Balance Exercises in the Pool

“What balance exercises done in a pool are the most helpful and which general fitness exercises do you recommend for people working out in their

senior fitness classes

When to Start Exercising After Covid

  Returning to Exercise after COVID-19 If you’ve recently suffered from COVID-19, you might be wondering when, and how, you can safely return to exercising.

How Hard Should I Exercise?

How Hard Should I Exercise? As a physical therapist I am constantly asking my patients about the intensity of exercises I have them perform. It’s

Core Strength

What Is Core Strength, Anyway?

What Is Core Strength, Anyway? Traditional strength training revolves primarily around muscle development in the arms, legs, and chest. This allows for progress toward lifting

Five Tips for Exercise Walking

5 Tips for Exercise Walking Walking is an amazing form of exercise. It provides both physical and mental health benefits. Not only does it raise

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