The Hand Neuropathy Exercises Recommended by Physical Therapists

Hand neuropathy exercises: image of senior woman having a huddle before playing soccer

Do your hands often tingle with that frustrating “pins and needles” sensation? Are everyday activities such as buttoning a shirt or holding a pen increasingly challenging? You’re not alone.  Hand neuropathy can affect anyone; as we age, it can become an even more common concern. But you don’t have to let hand neuropathy hold you […]

Golfer’s Wrist Pain and Exercises That Help

Male golfer doing a golf swing outdoors

Wrist pain can be a frustrating problem affecting a variety of athletes, but there’s a reason that “golfer’s wrist” is named for the sport. This article will explore what causes golfer’s wrist, treatment options, and how to manage wrist pain with exercise so you can keep playing golf. What is Golfer’s Wrist? The term golfer’s wrist describes […]

How Can Hand Therapy Help Me? 

Have you ever struggled with discomfort, stiffness, numbness, or a lack of strength in your hands or arms? You’re far from alone. Many seniors live with conditions that impair their hand and upper extremity function, but hand therapy can help. It can be frustrating when your hands don’t perform as you’re used to. These conditions […]

Simple Hand Stretches and Exercises for Pain Relief

Hand stretches: Image of an older woman making a heart shape with her hands outside

If you are experiencing pain in your hands while doing simple tasks like holding a cup or turning a doorknob, know you are not alone. Hand and wrist pain plagues people of all ages but becomes much more prevalent as we age. Getting older means our hands can become weaker and less flexible, causing discomfort […]