The Lower Back Workshop: Your Path to a Pain Free Back


This 9-lesson video workshop includes all the things you need to know about your lower back pain and what you can do to avoid future problems. Exercises and functional movement training is presented by physical therapist Dr. Kathy Doubleday DPT.

Includes 10-Day Lower Back Program!



  • The Importance of Body Mechanics

    Learning the WAY to move makes a big differnce on avoiding lower back pain in the first place. We guide you away from common mistakes and how to correct them.

  • Stretches that Make a Difference

    Knowing the correct stretches for your condition can help both during a flare up and protect your back later. Find out how to safely lower the tension without causing further harm.

  • Building a Bulletproof Back

    Think it's just about exercising the back? Nope! The whole body plays a role in keeping your spine pain free. A physical therapist explains the connection to other structures of the body and gives advice on long-term care. Six additional full-length workouts help you to build a stronger back to avoid future injury and pain.

Here’s What People Are Saying…

This is just what I was looking for! It gave me exercises to help me avoid future back problems too.
Older man smiling outdoors
Mike S.
Lower Back Workshop Customer
The videos showed me just what to do and taught me things about back pain I never knew before. Valuable resource.
Older woman sitting on park bench
Karen E.
Lower Back Workshop Customer

Also includes SIX 30-minute back fitness classes to improve your back health.

Learn the same techniques experts in the medical field reduce future back pain for good.