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Quick Desk Exercises to Ease Shoulder Blade Pain: Expert Tips from a Physical Therapist

shoulder stretches at desk

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Table of Contents

In this video, physical therapist Kathy Doubleday DPT, OCS, discusses how to alleviate pain between the shoulder blades caused by sitting at a computer for long periods. She suggests a few quick exercises that can be done while sitting at the desk. She recommends getting the back and thoracic spine up and taking a deep breath to move the rib cage and shoulders from a forward posture to an upright posture.  Dr. Kathy emphasizes the importance of getting up and moving around, but when you only have a minute, these exercises can be done right at the desk.

Equipment Used

Length of Class

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3 Minutes



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breathing during exercise
physical therapist doing balance exercises
shoulder stretches at desk
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balance training with a physical therapist