Rotator Cuff Printable Exercises [PDF]

As we age, our bodies inevitably experience wear and tear, and one common area of discomfort for older adults is the rotator cuff. A complex network of muscles and tendons that provide stability and mobility to the shoulder, the rotator cuff is susceptible to injury and degeneration, resulting in pain and limited movement. To help you better understand this condition, we have created a comprehensive printable fact sheet on rotator cuff pain in older adults, detailing everything from causes to prevention tips.

Our fact sheet delves into the common causes of rotator cuff pain, including the impact of aging, repetitive stress, and acute injuries. It also explores various treatment options available, from conservative management techniques to surgical interventions. Moreover, it provides prevention tips to help you maintain shoulder health and avoid potential injuries. Most notably, it includes a series of physical therapist advised exercises complete with step-by-step instructions that can be performed at home to strengthen the shoulder muscles and reduce pain. 

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